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Their failure to do so came, in part, because of our need to tame in them what we loved most in their distinctiveness; that is, we sought to make them ordinary, to be more like us. But their failure is also due to their own inability to maintain their distinctiveness, the very quality that attracted us to them in the first place. Although both became iconic figures in mass culture, they each ended up horribly isolated and trapped.

They even at times became parodies of themselves as if to deny that iconic status, as if to mock it and make it less real. Both Elvis and Brando played with a sense of sin. He took on parts that had the potential to upset us and he overturned any notion that we knew who he was. On the other hand, Elvis was never the star in his movies that he was on stage, in particular, before the army. The sense of sin he initially set loose, beyond the wiggle of his hips, was the playful idea of getting a complacent generation shaking.

But then, what? Like Brando, in the Sixties, Elvis stopped shaking things up and was relegated to bland genre parts in films that emasculated him. Elvis's sin, to paraphrase Dylan, was his lifelessness. But as pop critic Greil Marcus once said about Elvis, it was sin that brought him back to life.

That was never more true than in his television comeback special. Bythat audience was older and had grown nostalgic. Elvis was the Fifties after all, so how relevant could he be next to The Doors? To find out, Presley slimmed down, got decked in leather, and gathered together with the men in which he began making his career. And there, performing in a concert in the round with an electric guitar, he finally reclaimed himself and his audience by making some of the best music of his life.

Where else, too, would he find the desired elixir but in the blues. The restorative power of the blues was the very source that partly powered Elvis's ascension in the beginning. He seems to be singing to himself, to some lost possibility that's now been newly found. There is a hungry bite in his voice, an unrequited passion, but also an expression of pure relief.

A sense of sin has indeed brought him back to life. In this song, he appears to have acknowledged both what he has and what he lost. Our house was located right down at the bottom of Island Road which overlooked the sprawling Rouge Valley. Our backyard was quite long and it connected to the backyard of the Fisher household on Rouge Hills Drive. One day, while I was playing out there, I saw this young black girl in the adjacent property.

Since there weren't any black people that I recall living in West Rouge inI knew she was from somewhere else. When I went over to talk to her, she spoke only a little English and in an accent that I didn't recognize. But one thing I did understand perfectly was when she told me that her mother was a singer named Miriam Makeba.

Makeba was one of the guest singers in his concert troupe. She had one tune on her record that was referred to as the "click song. I remember one time even putting my ear against my parents' stereo speaker so I could try and figure out what it was and how she did it. Now I saw myself having a chance to solve this dilemma and see her do it in person.

So the girl invited me in to meet her mother. But I wanted to tell my folks first. So I went home and immediately informed them that Miriam Makeba was visiting just around the corner. Even though I wasn't prone to lying, my parents didn't believe a word I was saying. But I wouldn't back down. I insisted they phone the Fisher home and find out. When they did, we were told that she was indeed staying there during Belafonte's concert run and they invited us over.

When I met Miriam Makeba, she clasped my small hands in her long fingers and I was immediately overwhelmed by this majestically beautiful woman. She thanked me for playing with her daughter who she said had few friends to turn to when her mother was touring. After the introductions, she gave an impromptu performance in the neighbours' living room. I requested the "click" song because I wanted to know how she did it.

Within moments, and only a few feet in front of me, she gave her performance of the song. I was still baffled. What I remember most was being stirred by the sheer power of her voice which rang in my ears. After a dinner of traditional South African food, she signed my parents' album and we went home. Miriam Makeba would die of heart failure on stage in Italy in November Shortly after her death, I was telling this story to my friend and co-worker Tony Faure.

As I finished, I wondered what had happened to the little girl I had played with that afternoon. Tony said we could probably find out on Wikipedia.

While he searched, his face suddenly turned grim. He looked over at me and told me that she had died giving birth. A writer from an online magazine, African Music Safariinformed me not long after that her daughter's name was Sibongile, which meant 'thank you. The third died suddenly just a few years old and the fourth while still unborn.

But she does have two descendants. In memory of Miriam, who effortlessly turned a young white suburban kid on to black African music, you can find a performance of that "click" song on YouTube from a concert held a few years after our fateful meeting.

That observation comes from an understanding of the way pop shifted from the desire for success in bands from the Sixties and the distrust of it in bands from the Nineties and beyond.

Of course, Alex Chilton was once part of that flowering of optimism when he fronted The Box Tops at the age of But his eagerness to reunite with her is tempered by the sheer exhaustion in his voice. It came as no surprise to me when Joe Cocker would later soak the song in booze and turn it into another hit record.

The Box Tops disbanded in the winter of Coming from Memphis, Chilton was no stranger to the deep well of pining at the root of Southern soul music.

This is why he was also largely influenced by the chiming transcendence heard in the glorious pop of both The Beatles and The Byrds. Stax Records, the great Memphis soul label, was haphazard in their distribution of the record.

Especially listeners who wanted their tunes dished up straight. While Big Star would follow up 1 Record with the driven desperation of Radio Cityit became clear that the band had also invoked the tumult of the Fab Four. Chris Bell wanted to spend more time in the studio crafting their music, whereas Chilton was eager to perform live.

Their creative tensions, plus the poor handling of their records and audience indifference, led to Bell abandoning the group to a solo career that was tragically halted with he was killed in a car crash in But unlike The Beatles, who erected a stage to dream on, while inviting others to dream with them, Chilton always distrusted the dream. And why not? The music business by the Seventies had grown bloated and cynical. Anger and disappointment were for Chilton the affirmations of a love that gets torn asunder.

And failure is no success at all. When the levee broke, just above Clarksdale, water inundated the state. New Orleans in particular was hit with 14 inches of rain in 24 hours, although the city itself survived. What was most significant about the calamity was the transformative effect it had on the culture of Louisiana.

Racial strife became exacerbated when the flood caused overblacks to live in refugee camps for many months. Ultimately, hundreds of thousands headed North. The flood aroused such popular interest that there was no shortage of songs depicting the tragedy, and not surprisingly, most of them were rooted in the blues.

Described at one time as the father of the Mississippi Delta blues, Patton generally straddled the fence between sacred and blues music. In his blues, Patton developed a pivotal style of whooping and hollering, as if he were gleefully sharing episodes of lewd abandon and drunken revelry.

He performs the song like an urgent dispatch of breaking news, shouting over his guitar lines as if afraid that he could be cut short any second. Released as part of the album, Good Old Boysit's a record that takes full stock of the contemporary South while rooting itself in the era of Huey Long and issued just as President Richard Nixon was experiencing his downfall.

His performance expresses both outrage and empathy, yet it also gives us a sense of why the roots of the South are so durable. The winds significantly from the North dramatically change and transform the countryside until the town of Evangeline has six feet of water flowing in its streets. He would again remind us of that tidal pull when he performed the song inafter Katrina, giving the song yet another mournful dimension. Was Maury Chaykin not the best character actor on the screen?

I certainly thought so. But Chaykin, like J. I first encountered Chaykin under those circumstances. He inadvertently hacks into the military supercomputer to play its simulated war games and begins steps towards a nuclear strike. Deezen is a complete chatterbox. Once he does, he quietly reminds Deezen of how "Mr. Potato Head" reminded him that if he ever became irritating, he was to be informed. Unfortunately, he disappeared from the movie.

But not from my memory. But Chaykin was different from most character actors because he could also play lead roles with equal verve. I was once astonished seeing him portray the part of Hal C. Banks Chaykin used his bulking frame to lay claim to space that others thought was theirs. Like a corrupt and contented Pasha, his Banks found a comfort zone in the recognition of just how dangerous he really was.

It was a commanding performance. On the other hand, he could also convey the eccentric outsider without needless embellishment, as he did in Richard J. Howl has been spending his years composing a symphonic piece for whales that congregate near his property. But the music is also supposed to be in memory of his late brother who died in a car accident. Instead we see a man who has lost the means to connect to everyday life because of the grief it will invoke in him.

For years after, whenever I went to review a film and I saw Chaykin was in it, I perked up, eager to see what he might do. My favourite Chaykin role was in the wonderful, but sadly neglected, Diane Keaton film Unstrung Heroes Based on a memoir by journalist Franz Lidz, the story is about his growing up Jewish in the Fifties with his rationalist inventor father John Turturro and his life-loving mother Andie MacDowell.

When she gets diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Franz goes to live with his eccentric uncles; one of them the paranoid Danny Michael Richardsand the other, the quietly observant Arthur Maury Chaykin. Unstrung Heroesin one sense, is a moving story about the restorative power of memories. Chaykin approached his work with a sly attention to detail and a love for the oddball charm of the outsider who is often silently hidden in the shadows.

By having us accept those characters on terms that only he could find agreeable, Maury Chaykin became my idea of the perfect unstrung hero. This year's Mayoralty race had been a bitterly fought battle between Rob Ford, a right-wing demagogue from the suburbs, and George Smitherman, a provincial Liberal Party politician, who entered the race to bring fiscal responsibility and social awareness to a metropolis where its suburban citizens were angry with our current Mayor David Miller.

Many were enraged over high taxes, political entitlement, waste and an ill-functioning transit system. During his campaign, where he vowed to "stop the gravy train," Ford marshalled that fury into a frightening populist froth. He resembled the late comic Chris Farley on Saturday Night Liveacting out his character of the suburban Ralph Kramden, a big lug always in a state of continuous fulmination. As I approached my apartment, the streets seemed ominously quiet. One person looking lost quickly passed me by as though she didn't actually live here, or perhaps anywhere.

She seemed to be simply going from Point A to Point B. It reminded me of that scene in Invasion of the Body Snatchers when Brooke Adams wakes up to find her home city of San Francisco suddenly feeling foreign to her. Since I live downtown, where the support was largely for Smitherman, I had a sick feeling that he didn't win. When I got home, sure enough, the news was confirmed that Ford won handily.

While Smitherman gave a thoughtful, quietly gracious concession speech, revealing the heart of a man who was largely missing during the campaign, Ford came thundering into his victory party to the strains of "Eye of the Tiger.

Its sole aim is to get you roaring your defiant support for the underdog fighter. Significantly, "Eye of the Tiger" didn't invite you to feel the struggle of the fighter — it told you to blindly join the herd. The song perfectly fit the arrival of Ford as he faced his delirious supporters. Here was their underdog who fought all those folks who as Chris Farley's comic motivational speaker once said "wouldn't amount to Jack Squat" and now he was the victorious one.

But what had he won? And who wanted to sing along? Although the Festival officially begins in early September, the work starts for most film journalists in mid-August. Since Boxoffice is also a trade publication like Varietywe often had to see a fair number of movies at each Festival.

Little did I realize that the movie was over six hours long. Little did I realize that it would also become one of the most satisfying movie experiences I would have in over thirty years of reviewing films. I thought that maybe its running time was a typo. So I called my editor in Los Angeles to ask her if it was true. She was also surprised at the length. If this picture is bad, I'll be tapped out for the rest of the Festival," I explained with the hope that I could get out of this.

When you are reviewing so many movies over a month of intensive film going and writing, you need to pace yourself. A bad movie can quickly turn you into a walking corpse.

My editor immediately arrived at a solution. If it's really awful, just bail on it and we'll review it when it opens in L. But if it's good, you've got your review. So I looked at the write-up in the Festival book and the story sounded intriguing. But I didn't know the director, or any of the actors, except one whose name I seemed to recall from Bernardo Bertolucci's debut Before the Revolution.

I went to the screening with absolutely no expectations. Alle platen worden gewassen en voorzi. Sinds zijn grote doorbraak in heeft leonard cohen generaties geinspireerd met zijn unieke persoonlijkheid en prachtige muziek.

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In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 - Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 (, The Nearness Of You - Jazz At The Philharmonic - J.A.T.P. In Tokyo (Live At The Nichigeki Theatre 19, Dance All Night (Radio Edit), Da_TA.marindo (Garnica Remix), Play Me A Sad Song - Various - Messages Of Love (Cassette), Seventh Heaven - Various - Radio 4 U - Replugged (CD), Зенит - Ленинград - Пуля (CD, Album), In My Opinion - Orjan Nilsen* - In My Opinion (File, MP3, Album), Whispers In The Rain, En Attendant LApocalypse - Paris Violence - Orage Des Années Noires (Best Of Vol. 1, 1998-2003) (CD), Music N Drugs - Boom Bap Bullies - The Mixtape (CDr, Album), Beyond Beliefs - Manuel Alarcons Maldito* - Mutilation Of Souls (File, Album), Runnin Low - Kaseciarz - Motörcycle Rock And Roll (CD)